Student Leader 2015 - Moimoi 'Ahau Kaufononga

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 Deputy Student Leader 2015 - Kimberley Chiwona

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Student Leaders

During Orientation students will be asked to elect their student leader for 2016.  The student leader meets with the Principal and College Manager on a regular basis to discuss any matters of importance to the student body. The Student Leader is the person who represents students on Trinity College Council. They will report back to students on any issues, as well as representing students to Governance and Management.


Student ID

Student ID cards are available for all students. As well as a physical card an app is also available for your phone. The ID cards provide discounts at a variety of places around New Zealand. Trinity College uses the services of Student Card New Zealand to provide this service.  The cost of the cards is provided through the Student Association and Trinity College. Check the short clip below to see what other students think of the card.