At the beginning of 2015, the student body of the College asked for a place where they could gather for study and socialising.  The designated Principal's residence at 2 College Rd (across from the St John's College campus) was the answer.  Within a few months, students together with the College worked together to raise some money to bring the place up to standard.  As a result, Buddle House is now known as the Student Centre, and it also housed the College Manager's office and the Admin support.  The house is fully equipped with internet network, computers, and TV screens for the use of students and for online classes when needed.  The Centre also has three bedrooms available for short stay at a cheap cost of NZ$50.00 per night or NZ$70.00 per night including meals.  The downstairs garage is currently under renovation to become a study space.

Behind the Centre is a self-contained 1-bedroom flat which serves as Trinity College's Guest House for visiting scholars and guests of the College.  At present it is occupied by Rev Dr Jione Havea, a Principle Researcher from the Public and Contextual Theology centre (Charles Sturt University), who is working on a book project on Pacific Hermeneutics.  During his time here, Dr Havea will teach two courses for Trinity College:

Reading the Bible in Oceania (Oct 2015)

Acclimatising the Bible (Feb 2016)

His wife, Prof Monica Melanchthon of Melbourne University of Divinity, has also agreed to teach a course in May 2016 on Gender Justice and Equality.  Prof Melanchthon visits the College on a regular basis to be with Dr Havea and their baby daughter Diya Lakai Havea.  We are delighted to have the Havea family as our guests and we wish them well and aroha.


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