Empowering to Transform

Welcome to Trinity Theological College!

Trinity College is the only theological institution of the Methodist Church of New Zealand.  Its primary role is to equip people for both lay and ordained leadership and ministry.  The College has served the church and community for 88 years, and it continues a theological tradition that began 173 years ago.  In the next two years, the College community will celebrate its 90th anniversary and the 175th year of theological education in the Methodist Church of New Zealand.  The College’s longevity is a testimony to its commitment to the provision of quality programmes that are credible, accessible, inclusive and transformative. 

For the past three years, we worked under the banner: “Excellence through Collaboration.” The idea was to promote excellence through sharing and critically interrogating our practice in an ongoing, reflective, supportive, inclusive, learning-orientated, growth promoting way, and functioning as a collective enterprise.  We will continue to commit ourselves into nurturing such a community, but with a new emphasis.

From this year until 2020, we will be guided by the theme: “Empowering to Transform!”  This is about equipping students to think for, and express, themselves without fear and restrictions.  This is also about training students to become leaders who speak truth to power, and speak the truth about power. 

The goal is transformation. Transformation presupposes that some aspects of the status quo are no longer relevant.  That demands a change to the way we do ministry training and theological education. That is what Trinity College is providing.

I congratulate you for making that important decision to study with us.  You have now become an important member of the College community because we do value what you bring. 

May all of you be empowered to bring about the positive changes we all long for. 

‘Ofa mo e lotu


Rev Dr Nāsili Vaka’uta